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Other new accessibility features include Smart Invert, which swaps colors so backgrounds get darker and text lighter, while leaving elements like images untouched.

Tap to start marking it up and then send it off to a friend or save it to your camera roll. Make Live Photos do more If you swipe up on a Live Photo, a new menu appears with options to add some pretty routine effects. Bounce reverses it mid shot, and Long Exposure uses the frames captures to create a photo that looks like it had a slow shutter speed.

From recording your Face Time calls to silently communicating with Siri, here are some hidden i OS features worth trying: 1.

Add the buttons you want to control center This is one of the best changes in i OS 11.

Meanwhile, a new image scanning feature means i OS 11 can now detect text in an image and read it out loud. ) Sometimes you want to share an article but with your incredibly important thoughts scribbled on top. In Safari, you can select the share button at the bottom of the screen and scroll to the right until you find the Create PDF option. Start writing notes on an i Pad When inspiration hits, you don't want to lose time unlocking your i Pad and opening the Notes app.

It will also do some basic image recognition to describe what's in an image. The next screen will show a tiny marker icon in the top right corner. If you tap the Apple Pencil on the i Pad's lock screen, you can start writing a note right away.

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